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Safari WebRTC with easyrtc

Safari WebRTC with easyrtc

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manpreet Tuteehub forum best answer Best Answer 1 year ago

On Chrome, I'm getting full Webcam & Microphone support both ways with easyrtc.js, but Safari doesn't want to cooperate.

The latest version of Safari is listed as being WebRTC compatible ( In addition, I have the option to "Enable Legacy WebRTC API" under the Develop menu.

Without Legacy WebRTC API enabled, I get the error message from easyrtc Your browser doesn't appear to support WebRTC. After enabling it, I get the error message Unhandled Promise Rejection: TypeError: Type error from the easyrtc.js this.createObjectURL function at: window.URL.createObjectURL(mediaStream).

Any ideas how to get Safari to behave like the Chrome version?

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manpreet 1 year ago

Faced the same problem with easyrtc then used beta branch of easyrtc in development and it works. Previous, was using">master branch.

beta branch includes playsinline for safari.

Clone their beta branch using :

git clone -b <branchName> <">repository>

git clone -b beta

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