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Certification of Declaration meaning

Certification of Declaration meaning

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manpreet Tuteehub forum best answer Best Answer 1 year ago

I should create an official document in English saying that the mentioned employee underwent Internship in our Institute/Department from 1.1.2014 to 31.12.2014.

After the line "To whom it may concern" I want to place a header like

"Certification of Declaration"
"Confirmation letter"
"Verification" etc...

I chose "Certification of Declaration", however I am not sure it is appropriate header to use.

My questions are:

  1. What "Certification of Declaration" means exactly and if it can be used in the mentioned context? (I did not find an explanation in Google).
  2. Could you please suggest a proper if C-o-D is not appropriate.

Thanks a lot.

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manpreet 1 year ago

In this context certification and declaration mean very similar things: they both claim to be an authoritative statement of something. That makes "certification of declaration" confusing: it would imply that you certify that you declare that you have declared something.

I think you should go for Letter of Confirmation. It has the spirit of your original, but is much more natural English: it is a letter and the purpose of the letter is to confirm. (Other letters might be letters of denunciation, of concern, of approval; this is one of confirmation).

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