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Azure IoT hub and sending messages with mosquitto_pub

Azure IoT hub and sending messages with mosquitto_pub

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_x000D_ _x000D_ I'm trying to send some simple message with mosquitto_pub to Azure IoT HUB but faced some problems with authorization. I'm using following script: mosquitto_pub \ -h \ -u "" \ -P "SharedAccessSignature" \ -t "devices/xxxdev/messages/events/" \ --cafile ca.pem \ -p 8883 \ -i xxxdev \ -V mqttv311 \ -d \ -m 'message' and after run this script I get following messages: Client xxxdev sending CONNECT Client xxxdev received CONNACK (5) Connection error: Connection Refused: not authorised. Client xxxdev sending DISCONNECT My questions are: What exactly does those messages mean? Is it because some parameter like password (given with -P param) is wrong? I've generated SAS token with bash script: Assuming that this bash script generates properly the password - what else could be the problem here? How to fix the problem?
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