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what are the fastest/Popular search technologies [closed]

what are the fastest/Popular search technologies [closed]

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What are the fastest search technologies apart from Relational DB Searches ?

I have a collection of Text Files from varied sources (Banks/Ledgers/Stock Markets). Each line in these Text Files is a Record. Each line can further be parsed into some DB Columns(Stock Name/Date of purchase/Owner/...). It is not necessary that each line has all the fields. If some text is not mathcing any of the fields, I store it as it is in a seperate column(columnA). If the parser fails to find any column at all I just store the Line in columnA.

I than do a DB search based on user Inputs. I find that the search becomes slow after a few million records. I want to move to an alternative storage like File System or some other Indexed storage.

What do you think would be the fastest storage technology for this kind of requirement ?

I am currently using SQLite DB. Since I am about to rewrite the entire code, I will be more than happy if any other storage technology can give me faster results.

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