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iOS Facebook SDK permissions without review

iOS Facebook SDK permissions without review

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_x000D_ _x000D_ In my app, I use FBLoginView with user_events, user_groups and some other permissions. Here what we can read on If your app asks for more than than public_profile, email and user_friends it will require review by Facebook before your app can be used by people other than the app's developers. The time to review your app is usually about 7 business days. Some extra-sensitive permissions, as noted below, can take up to 14 business days. ( But if my app logics is based on Facebook SDK and its permissions unavailable whitout review, how can I prepare the app for the review? Is there any test mode with all permissions granted? Thanks in advance!
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_x000D_ I've found the possibility to test the reviewed permissions using a test user account. Select the app you are working on in the Apps. In your left-hand menu open Roles tab, there you can select Test Users and use test email and password to login on Facebook for working with closed permissions. UPD: In the Roles tab you can add your account to Administrators, Developers or Testers to get access to the permissions.
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