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How to post a photo to page wall as page's admin role via Graph API

How to post a photo to page wall as page's admin role via Graph API

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_x000D_ _x000D_ I use node.js to handle Graph API, and post feed, link normally on the Facebook page wall. But if I post a photo to page, it cannot use page role. The photo will be posted with my Facebook user, and shown on the other side. So, how can I post a photo to page wall with page role via Graph API -- POST{page_id}/photos?access_token=#{access_token} With Parameters { message: 'the message' url: 'the image url' } OR use multipart/form-data { message: 'the message' source: 'post file' } same result, help please. The access token has manage_pages, public_stream permissions. Useful feed post POST{page_id}/feed?access_token=#{access_token} { message: 'something interesting' } this will show on page's wall as page role
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_x000D_ If you want to act as the Facebook Page itself, you will need to pass an access token for it. I put details on that in here: It's for PHP, but the basic concept should get you where you need to go.
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