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Unable to test facebook messenger bot. Webhook not receiving events

Unable to test facebook messenger bot. Webhook not receiving events

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_x000D_ _x000D_ Following the recent changes for facebook developer, i had this alert on the webhook section on the developer dashboard, and therefore no webhook messages are received from 'testers, devs, etc' ; As a result i am unable to test my mesenger bot apps. I have created "Test users" from the "roles" section; When i login with any "Test Users", the messenger bot app created does not appear in the Messenger Bot search. Kindly note that my initial Webhook subscription at the developer dashboard is successful. I want to test the bot before submitting for approval, is my approach wrong? I am really at a loss as how to proceed. Any help will be very much appreciated.
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_x000D_ If your app is in development mode, your bot will still be able to send messages to users with the developer, tester, or administrator role for the app.
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