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How do you deal with over-the-head APIs/technology

How do you deal with over-the-head APIs/technology

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manpreet Tuteehub forum best answer Best Answer 1 year ago

I guess most people have been in this situation.

The initial project planning begins. The requirements are outlined. After architectural review and sorting through APIs/Frameworks the fitting technology is picked. The development starts.

And then it starts. As soon as you need to do some supposedly simple supporting things, framework/API start to backfire, and instead of doing any work you end up fighting against the technology. The research time skyrockets, forums are silent, nothing seems to be done, and even when you get something to work, you're not really sure it's done right.

How do you manage in these situations? Do you go for hacks, do you research further, what do you say to management?

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manpreet 1 year ago

Prototype, Prototype, Prototype!!

If your team is not familiar with a particular framework then prototype something in it to evaluate where the pain points are.

Matt Raible (Java Web framework comparator guy) suggests working with a framework for one week if possible.

Prototyping includes investigating the community support behind a framework and other factors

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